Academic Education Programs

Formal Academic instruction in Regenerative Medicine is at the core of ASRM missions. The development and advancement of the specialty of Regenerative Medicine requires formal academic programs at the Medical Student, Resident and Fellow level. ASRM is partnering with Academic Departments and Medical Schools to develop educational curricula to introduce core concepts in Regenerative Medicine as a knowledge foundation. As these initial programs develop and mature, formal Fellowship Programs in Regenerative Medicine will be established.

AABRM education foundation Program Pillars:

1. Basic Science Concepts in Regenerative Medicine

Basic science concepts in Cell and Molecular Biology represent the core knowledge foundation in Regenerative Medicine. While these concepts are often introduced in broad terms at the Medical School level, a focused and relevant review to Regenerative Medicine is required. Academic departments of Regenerative Medicine or Regenerative Biology offer an excellent exposure to these concepts through their Basic Scientists and Physician Scientists.

2. Clinical Science Concepts in Regenerative Medicine

The Clinical Science of Regenerative Medicine is represented by many subspecialties such as Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine and Cardiac Regenerative Medicine. Each subspecialty represents a different developmental phase of clinical knowledge and evidence. Academic departments of Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Biology can offer direct access to clinical care, clinical trials, or relevant publications to provide an overview of the status of Regenerative Medicine within their subspecialty.

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