ASRM Science Foundation

ASRM is actively seeking funding for the ASRM Science Foundation, with the primary mission of advancing the science of Regenerative Medicine in a focused, value driven fashion. The Science Foundation will provide funding for relevant Clinical Research as well as the development of a Regenerative Medicine database.

A. Clinical Research Areas

  • Autologous Stem Cells
  • Allogeneic Stem Cells
  • Amniotic Tissue Allograft Applications
  • Immune Therapy
  • Tissue Engineering

B. Regenerative Medicine Database

Another important mission of the ASRM Science Foundation is the development of the Regenerative Medicine Database. This database will be an extraordinary tool to assess outcomes of Regenerative Medicine interventions in the most scientific fashion. The database will encompass these components:

  • Clinical Outcome Data
  • Cell and Tissue Analysis Data

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