AARM Board Certification Review Course Content

The outline below identifies the subject areas which are covered in the AARM written Board Certification examination.

I. History of Regenerative Medicine

a. James Thomson – Embryonic Stem Cell Isolation
b. Haeckel – Stem Cell Term
c. Hernigou Bone Union Stem Cell Requirements
d. Maximov Hematopoietic Microenvironment
e. Friedenstein
f. Hesiod
g. Leonard Hayflick

II. Nomenclature/Definitions

a. Cluster of Differentiation – CD
b. SDF-1 Alternate Name
c. Autograft characteristics
d. Microvasculature Restoration
e. Epimorphic Regeneration
f. iPS Cells
g. Examples of Multipotent Stem Cells
h. Adult Stem Cell Definition
I. Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Properties
j. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
k. Progenitor Cell Properties
l. BMAC Cell Transplantation Properties
m. HSC Cell Lineage
n. MSC Cell Lineage
o. Subculturing Passage
p. Transcription Definition
q. Pleuripotency of Embryonic Stem Cells
r. Transdifferentiation Definition
s. Adult Stem Cell Definition
t. Human iPSCs Properties

III. Basic Science in Regenerative Medicine

a. Characteristics of Embryonic Stem Cells
b. Somatic Nuclear Cell Nuclear Transfer
c. Hybrid Genetic Material
d. Definition of Chimeras
e. MUSE Cell Properties
f. Angiogenesis Threshold for Platelets in PRP
g. Cytokines – Compound Type
h. Cytokines Delivery Methods
I. Cytokine Imbalance
j. HSC Tissue Regeneration
k. VSEL – Acupuncture
l. Characteristics of IPS Cells
m. Characteristics of Cell Culturing
n. Characteristic Actions of Nitric Oxide
o. HSC Surface Antigens
p. MSC New Name Proposal
q. MSC Concentration in Bone Marrow
r. Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation
s. Dedifferentiation Process
t. Stochasticity
u. Granulocyte Importance
v. Platelet Viability Testing
w. G-1 Cell Cycle Phase
x. Angiogenesis
y. Cell Communication – Juxtacrine
z. Integrins
aa. Plasticity-Supporting Publications
bb. Multipotent MSC markers
cc. Adult Stem Cell Identification
dd. Neural Stem Cells
ee. Epithelial Stem Cells
ff. Adult neurogenesis
gg. TGF-beta MSC activation
hh. Regenerative Substrate Properties
ii. VGEF Endothelial Cells
jj. Regeneration Systems – Age Related
kk. Mesodermal Stem Cell Type Location
ll. ECM properties
mm. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMP)
nn. Unipotent Cells
oo. Rejuvenation – Endogenous Stem Cells
pp. Stem Cell Niche

IV. Clinical Science in Regenerative Medicine

a. Characteristics of Adult Stem Cells
b. MSC CD Markers
c. Tumescient Anesthesia
d. Local Anesthetic Use for Intra-articular injections
e. Cancer Stem Cells
f. Fat MSC harvesting
g. Locations of Adult Stem Cells
h. Locations of Pleuripotent Stem Cells
i. Umbilical Cord Blood Banking
j. Optimal Concentration of Platelets in PRP
k. Hyperbaric Oxygen MOA, Effectiveness
l. PRP Product Cells
m. Best BMAC Source
n. PRP Concentrating Systems
o. PRP/BMAC Injection Site
p. PRP Product Classification
q. NSAID – Growth Factor Relationship
r. Drawbacks of SVF
s. Differences in Cell Profile between Bone Marrow and Adipose Derived SC
t. Laser and Cell Photosensitivity
u. PRP Ideal Concentration Range
v. Fracture Necrosis
w. Capillary Endothelia – Invading Capillaries Relationship
x. Vascularized Graft – Tissue Regeneration
y. Synovial Fluid Stem Cells
z. Natural Repair Mechanisms
aa. Cartilage Chondrocytes – ECM

V. Regulatory Issues in Regenerative Medicine

a. Legality of Embryonic Stem Cell Treatments in the US
b. GMP Standards
c. 21-CFR 1271 Inclusions
d. FDA Classification Types
e. FDA HCT/P 361 Content
f. FDA HCT/351 Content
h. Regenerative Sciences FDA Suit
i. IRB

Suggested Study References

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5. FDA Draft Guidance (December, 2014): Minimal Manipulation of Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-Based Products

6. FDA Draft Guidance for Industry (October, 2014): Same Surgical Procedure Exception under 21 CFR 1271.15(b): Questions and Answers Regarding the Scope of the Exception

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